The Unusual Center takes care of every detail of the trip.

We offer various attractions and additional services to provide a complete program.

The Unusual Center offers its students a wide range of additional classes that complement the Spanish language course. These include, among others: visits to museums and important historical objects, performances and dance shows, folklore and handicrafts, tapas tasting, sports activities, culinary and dance classes, trips. Thanks to this, students can become acquainted with Spanish culture in its various forms.
Here are the most popular additional attractions chosen by our students. If you are interested in something that you do not find on this list, please contact us. We will verify in this case whether it is possible to extend our list.
Our attractions and trips are provided for groups of students. If you plan to come to our school by yourself and you would like to take part in one of the attractions, please contact us. We will check the possibility of joining another group of students.


From the moment you arrive in Spain, until you arrive in Olivenza, you will never be alone. We will take care of organizing all transport Between the airport and Olivenza, and if necessary, we will also help youwith buying plane tickets.

Transport by rented bus from and to the airport.

Plane tickets

Transport by a rented coach during additional trips.

Attractions and trips

Attractions and additional services will be at your disposal during your entire stay at our school. We offer a wide range of attractions that will help you to know better the Spanish language. Details.

Culinary attractions

Cultural attractions

Sports attractions

Tourist attractions

Entertainment offer

Other attractions



For those interested, we offer medical insurance or accident insurance for the entire trip. Please contact us for details.

Medical insurance

Insurance against accidents

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