Spanish in Olivenza

Learning Spanish in Olivenza is a unique experience.

Among the beautiful oak pastures there is Olivenza a city whose history goes back to the times of the Order of Templars. It was the Order of the Templars that gave the character of the village, establishing it in the 13th century. In the following centuries, the kingdoms of Portugal and Spain clashed with each other fighting for domination over the area. Despite the fact that initially it was the Spanish village with time Portugal gave its privileges and fortified. A fortified stronghold that has survived until today. For this reason, cobbled streets and squares with white houses are decorated with ceramic tiles with inscriptions in Spanish and Portuguese.

Holidays and festivals

Olivenza es una localidad que vive las ferias y las fiestas de una manera muy intensa y especial. Destacables son la ya tradicional feria del toro, la Semana Santa o San Juán. Pero en general podemos decir que en Olivenza se vive un balance perfecto entre tradición y modernidad, en la que también tienen cabida conciertos, festivales y ferias.


Olivenza is a place where the festivals and local festivals are lived in a unique way. Particularly noteworthy is the traditional corrida, Holy Week or the memory of Saint. John. Without fear, you can risk the statement that in Olicenza, the past and tradition remain in perfect harmony with today and with modernity. During the celebrations of local holidays we also have the opportunity to participate in concerts and other cultural events.

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